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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Android in not only for Phone, it is for PC also.

A good news for android loving persons. If you want to use android and all of its free apps, it is not necessary to buy a phone now. It does not matter to keep an android phone to enjoy all of the apps. Using Bluestack, anyone can enjoy all the android apps (installed apps in phone also) in his/her computer.

Download the application from Bluestack website and enjoy the android apps in your computer.

If you already have an android phone:

After installing the application, you can synchronized it with your phone. The application will give you a pin number. Download the blue stack cloud connect app from play store and enter the pin number. Your device will get synchronized with the application installed on your PC. After that you can see all notification 
coming to your android phone on the PC.

All the apps installed in our phone will get installed in your PC and you can use them normally.
You can even use whatsApp to chat with your friends through your PC.

If you don’t have an android phone:

This is the best part. If you don’t have the android phone, then also you can enjoy the application and the apps of android phone.

Download Bluestack and register with your email id. Next is download the apps through bluestack.
All the apps from play store will be available and it will get installed in your PC.

Open the apps in your PC and enjoy them normally.



  1. Awesome ! Thanks for sharing this !

    In the option where I have an Android phone, does the PC connect to my phone to access apps ?

    1. You have to download the Bluestack Cloud connect app in your phone and enter the pin given in your PC. Now your phone and PC Bluestack will get synchronized.
      you can access all of your apps installed in your phone in your computer.


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