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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Unforgettable Journey to 2030

One day I prayed to God to show me the future, for giving me a chance to travel across the time for seeing my future. At that time I did not know that, God was watching me, listening to me. He will fulfill my wish.

Next day I woke up on a bench at a bus stop. First of all I could not able to understand, what was going on? At that time a man nearly 40 years old came to me and offered me a cup of coffee.

I asked “who are you, where am I?”

He told “I am yourself only, just aged 17 years more. You are in 2030 and I am your future.”

I: - “how did you find me?”

MY FUTURE SELF: - “It all happened to me 17 years ago, I know where and how to find you. You are myself, I have to take care of you. Let’s go to my house. Err…. Your future house”.

Then he took me to his house. I got refreshed. It was so cool. The breakfast was nice.

MY FUTURE SELF: - “You are going to stay here for 2 days. Let’s buy some dress for you.”

He (my future self) opened his laptop. Took some photos of front, back, and side views of me. Then he opened and got logged in. I saw him using my own user id that I have registered in eBay. I was surprised to see that I will be using the same user id for next 17 years.

I: - “Hey, open some other website also. We can compare them.”

MY FUTURE SELF: - “every time I shop, I get 95% of my items from eBay. Let’s try here, if you are not satisfied, we will try in some other website.”

There was an option on eBay to upload photos. He uploaded my photos. After uploading finished, a bunch of recommendation came up starting with dresses, glasses, watches, shoes etc.

From left side bar he used filter for color, brand etc. I was just watching him working and was thinking “he knows what is happening”. Then I thought how does he (my future self) remembers everything what happened to him before 17 years, but I was silent.

Then he finalized three dresses and clicked on a button “project it”. A 3D figure came out from a small projector (looking like camera flash) from his laptop in front of me.

I was astonished to see my own image standing in front of me wearing the dress he has selected. I went around of the projected image to see how I was looking in that dress.

I: - “I don’t like it”.

MY FUTURE SELF: - “ohh, I forgot it. I also did not like the first one”. (He gave a laugh)

He selected the second one from eBay. The dress on projected image automatically changed to the newly selected dress, which I finalized to buy. He chose the third one also and we finalized to buy both of them.

MY FUTURE SELF: - “let’s buy some watch and shoes for you”.

In that page only, he added some shoes and watches. Whenever he was choosing a watch or dress or any product from eBay, the same was getting reflected on my projected image and I was able to see, how I will look like wearing them?

At last we finalized our cart and ordered it. He had some coupons which he used to get discounts.

I: - “But, how will I get them, it will take 3-4 business days to get delivered?”

MY FUTURE SELF: - “It is not 2013, it is 2030. E-commerce has grown a lot. You will get it delivered in next 2-3 hours.”

I: - “can you tell me what I am going to do for next 17 years? I meant your history for last 17 years. It can help me”.

MY FUTURE SELF: - “yes, I can. But I will not. I know that you will do great, however if I tell you every detail, you are not going to enjoy them. Live your life. Believe me. It will be great.”

It made me silent.

He gave me some music to listen. I don’t know when that time got passed and the packages got delivered within 2 hours. I tried the dresses. It was all nice fitting as I saw in the projected image.

He took me outside to show the world in 2030. It was an awesome experience which, I can’t explain here in few words. Next night I slept and when I woke up I found myself on my bed again. It felt so realistic that till today I am not able to understand, whether it was real or a dream!!!!


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