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Thursday, May 31, 2012

eFiling Income Tax Return: Online

From this blog we can give you a short tutorial on how to file income tax online.

1. You can file the income tax online from website

2. After that go to login tab and new user registration, as you will need to register for uploading your xml format of the return which should be uploaded on this website.
(Applicable only for individual users, userid will be your PAN number).

3. Go to e-filing A.Y. 2012-13  -> individual, HUF as shown in image to download the excel file.

4. Download the ITR-1 Excel Utility version (For individuals having Income from Salary, Pension, family pension and Interest).  Save the zip file and then unzip it. You will get one help.txt and one 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls file.

5. You have to enable the macros in excel file to enable the content and use it. Make enable content in it otherwise follow the extracted help.txt file.

6. After that you can find four sheets in that excel file namely: “Income Details”, “TDS”, “Taxes paid and Verification”, and “80G”.
7. In first sheet (Income Details) 
     a.Enter your personal details.
     b. Income Tax Ward / Circle field in excel is not required.
     c. In [Pl see Form Instruction] choose11-BeforeDueDt 139(1), if you are filing before due date. (default option)

            d. According to form-16 that you got, fill the other details as applicable.
           e. Give details of your other income if any.
           f. To fill up and know about Deductions under Chapter VI A (Section) go through or

     g.After that click validate button on top of sheet to check if the sheet is ok or not, if any error comes modify as necessary.

8. Go to next sheet (TDS) and fill the data as required. Check validate.

9. Go to next sheet (Taxes paid and Verification) and give your bank account details if you want a direct deposit in your bank (recommend). Fill other details. 

Keep the sign here option as blank. It’s not a mandatory field.

10. Check if you are getting any money back from row number 19, Refund (17-15) if 17 is greater than 15.
(You can know how much money you are getting back).Check validate.

11.Go to 80G, fill details if required. Now go to first sheet and click on xml Generate.

12. It will generate the required xml file that you have to upload in the website to file the ITR. The file with name “ITR1_PAN NUMBER”.xml will get generated and you have to upload this to get your money back.

13. Then activate your user id and login to

14. Go to submit return -> Select Assessment year and choose the year for which you want to submit your generated xml file.

15. Select appropriate form name and choose do you want to Digitally Sign the File as NO. Click next.

16. Browse your xml file and upload it.

17. After that your ITR-V form will get generated. Save it (to be on safer side) rather than to wait for the mail.

18. Take print out of it. (take 2 copies)

19. Send the ITR-V form on the address mentioned above the ITR V form using normal post within 120 days of uploading the XML.

20. After that you will get an acknowledgment mail. Save it. It is important for future reference.J


Filing of Income Tax returns is a legal obligation of every Individual/HUF whose total income for the previous year has exceeded the maximum amount that is not chargeable for income tax under the provisions of the I.T Act, 1961.

If any query or doubt or suggestion, please write in the comment section. we will write the solutions. :)



  1. This is a wonderful blog...
    Never knew filing ITR online is so easy..

  2. I want to fill Allowance to the extent exempt under section 10 (e.g. HRA, LTA, Conveyance) where to fill these details in 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls sheet.

  3. Hi,
    When am trying to fill 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls it is saying it is password protected. What is the password please help regarding this.

  4. @Amar: you can fill your HRA details in 80GG section of the xls sheet. Regarding LTA its related to company, Income tax department does not give any allowance for LTA. For details contact your company tax department or customer care of income ax department. you can get the number in income tax department website home page.

  5. @kperisetti : the 2012_ITR1_PR12.xls file is not password protected. You have to allow its macro, so that it can run predefined functions. I think you might have downloaded the wrong file. please download it again from

  6. Hi Tapan,
    In my form 16 section the Allowance to the extent exempt under section 10 has only one number is given means there is no break up for 80D,80DDB and 80GG ,but ITR 1 form is asking breaks up under each section. what should i do?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Shailesh,
      80D,80DDB and 80GG are different sections, please contact your company which provided you with form 16 to know under which section you are getting tax exemption.

  7. Hey,

    That's an informative article, now efiling income tax online is in the simplest way. Recently saw a automated tax filing machine in coffee day where efiling can be done while sipping a coffee.

    1. @Rithika... technology is moving will be great if such machine can be installed at many places available to many people.

  8. I am really glad that I have found this post and I thank you for letting us know about this information….This is a big help for sure!!Thanks!
    International Tax Planning

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  10. Thanks for the wonderful informative post on Online Income Tax Return. I like to appreciate the author for his tremendous work.


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