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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dropbox: Online file sharing

What is DROPBOX?

Dropbox is a free service software, that allow you to share your files,photos, docs, and videos anywhere. this means you can share those files between your won computers, mobile and with your friends and relatives also.

What it can do?

Through this software, once you finish editing a file you don't have to mail it or have to share it using any website. you just have to put it in drop box folder in your system. Drop box will automatically copy it from your system to your dropbox account and to all the systems, mobiles and friends to which you have given permission to share.

For any reason if you lost your data, then also you don't have to worry for it, as you always have a back up copy in drop box account.

Some simple advantage

1. you will get 2 GB space in their website for free. can increase this space by referring others, linking it to other account(facebook,twitter) and through many other features as given in their website. you can all know it after creating a account  

3. After editing your file, you don't have to upload or download it manually, it will be automatically done by drop box.

4. If you can give permission to some of your friends or team mates and can use it as a team sharing software.

5. of above all its all free :)

so how can you do it?

Its easy. Click here to register.

just register for it and download the software and install it. To install it on mobile download the respective software from this link.


All the photo is downloaded from and many information are also taken from This blog is just for information sharing about dropbox software and its uses.

Hope it will be useful. if any doubt or question, put it on comment box. we will answer them.


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