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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dell laptop Buy: ONLINE or OFFLINE?

Well, My roommate planned to buy a laptop, specially a DELL laptop and hence the search began.

The basic configuration that he required was
i5 processor, 500 GB hard disk, 4GB RAM, 15.6'' screen, 1 GB Nvidia graphics card.

He searched for the same online and got the price differently in different websites. the links for the same and price is given below.

click here to see in dell website. Price Rs.38,9901

click here to see in flipkart website.
price varies from Rs.34,0001 to Rs.40,0001

And in some other websites also it was of the same price depending on configuration.

Now comes the interesting part. We went to famous laptop shops place in Hyderabad, the Park Lane, Secunderabad. There we went through many shops and asked for the price and their configuration they will provide. What we found out most interesting is they are ready to give the same laptop with same configuration in around  Rs.36,000  with the following configuration.

i5 processor, 500 GB hard disk, 4GB RAM, 15.6'' screen, 1 GB Nvidia graphics card. With this they were ready to give 4 GB pen drive, laptop carry bag, extra keyboard and mouse for free.

So here I want to say if the online marketing has gone to top and many people are now buying the products online before buying anything, go to local market and ask them what is their price that they are ready to give. They also wants to sustain in this competitive market and due to this competitive market , you might get a better offer.This is not difficult to go and asked once what the local market price!!!

So next time before buying any product online don't forget to see offline just once, then which ever who like , that will be your choice.

Pay for what you want only. :)



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