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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make a map for the path you traveled : My Tracks Review

There are many apps present in Google play for android and it always create confusion on selecting the best app to get a particular feature.

Consider the feature of recording and getting summary of daily running, morning walk experience. I tried many apps and found out as “My tracks” to be the best one, which I am using now.


Whenever you are going for a walk or to an unknown place, just start the recording feature of the app with your phone GPS. The app will start recording your path, speed and all elevation of the path in which you are going.

After you finish the travel, stop the recording and find out all your work done starting from distance travelled, average speed, max speed and a graph of elevation and speed.

The app will give you a graphical representation of the path you travelled (in map), which will help you to track down your way back home, if you get lost while exploring. Think about it. You have gone to a picnic/new place/city and started roaming around. There are chances that you forget the path, through which you came and don’t know the address where to go.

What you can do is while starting, start the recording feature of the app in your phone and roam around wherever you want. It will record your path in Google map, so when you want to come back, then just follow the path in the reverse way. J

The app lets you store the data in Google drive also, which you share with your friends to let them know about your work out.


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