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Friday, January 4, 2013

Windows shortcuts to Start any installed Application from Run command window

Many of us don’t know all the shortcuts available in windows. However some of us use it in daily life. Let me tell about some shortcuts that we can use in windows run command.

You can directly start the run command by click on windows and then “run”.
For windows 7/8 users you can search for it directly after pressing windows button.
The run command windows can also be started by combing the keys “windows+R” button.

Some of the normal command we use in daily life are:

To know more about shortcut given by windows in default click here.

But what about the softwares that you installed manually. For all those softwares you keep shortcuts either in desktop or in quick lunch toolbar.

 Do you know that keeping too many shortcuts in desktop makes the system slow and it does look good? 

So by following simple steps you can create your own shortcuts for application that you have installed in your system. You don’t have keep the shortcuts in desktop also. You can give them any name (that you fell for you easier to remember and just type them in run windows.

So the steps to create shortcuts for application to type in windows run are:

  1. Create a folder by any name in any of your drive. I have created the folder with name “shortcuts” in my J drive.
  2. Copy all your shortcuts from desktop to that folder. You can create the shortcuts in it also if you need for any specific application.
  3. Rename all the shortcuts in short form that is easier for you type in run window and to remember also. (Based on your preference).
  4. Now click on windows -> right click on my computer -> Properties.

    5. Click on “advance system settings”.

    6. Click on “environment variables”.

    7. On user variables window, click on new.

    8. Give variable name as “path” and variable value as the location/path of the folder that you have created          in step-1.

   9. Click on ok and you are done.

Next time just start the run command (follow above paragraph) and just type the name that you have given to any application (as done in step-3) and that application will get loaded.

No need to keep shortcut in desktop. Just clean your desktop. J


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