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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Watch Facebook Videos directly from your System using Real-Player

For many us Facebook is a part of our life. To know what are friends are doing, to see their status, their updates and to enjoy all the photos and videos that they share, it keeps us busy with Facebook. But what about the videos that your friend shared and you missed it or any video which was shared before sometime and you want keep in track with you.

For this a very much service given by real player, where you can watch all of Facebook profile’s video from your desktop (using real player application) and also able to comment, like, share them like you do normally on Facebook. Moreover you can download them on to your local system.

So how to do it? The steps are:

1. For the basis you should have the real player with you. If you don’t have it, you can download it from here. The normal basis account will work for it, for which you don’t have to pay.

2. After installing it (if you don’t have an installed software) click on library. On left side you see the Facebook videos link. Click on it.

3. A small popup will appear and you have to login to Facebook account through it.

4.As you want to see Facebook videos better do “keep me logged in” to avoid giving password again and again.

5. Give access to real player for posting on your behalf. You can change the option later from your Facebook profile. You can set it also share with “friends" or “everyone” as per your choice.

6. Once you allow this real player will fetch all the videos from your profile to your local desktop.

7. Click on any thumbnail to play the video.

8.On bottom of it, you can see like button. Where you can like it or can give comments also.

9 .On top right corner there is option to download the video also. Where you can download it on your system.

10. You can share it with friends on social networks on clicking share button.

So just use real player to see all the videos and enjoy it without using any browser. Try it now.


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