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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Clean the system Screen safely without damaging it

Normally all the laptops come with LCD, LED screen now. In desktop also people now prefer the LCD, LED screen. The screen gets dirty with dust while we using in normal place, so yes, we need to clean it. But how many of us know how to clean it properly?
Normally I have seen screens of some people getting damaged because they don’t know how to clean properly. Let me give some of idea to clean your screen properly, safely without damaging it.

Basic steps:

  1. Clean your hand properly before starting cleaning, so that oily parts can be easily removed from screen by your hand.
  2. Shutdown your system.
  3. Don’t use too much force to clean the screen. Don’t press hard.
  4. Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the screen. Normally, in market you can get the screen cleaning separately. Use it.

     5. Whenever you are cleaning the screen, clean in one direction and don’t clean in forward and    backward direction. Clean in a uniform direction.
     6. After cleaning with dry cloth use the liquid available in market for cleaning. Don’t apply the liquid directly on the screen. On the opposite side of the cloth spray some liquid and use it to clean the screen.

Clean your screen on a frequent basis to make it stabilize for longer time. :)


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