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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Create Filters/Rules in Gmail for all incoming Mails.

In the office or in daily life, if you are using outlook, then you may have created some of the rules/filters for your incoming mails. But do you know that the same can be done in Gmail? You can create and apply filters in Gmail, by which you can control the incoming mails. (Set rule whether to “mark them as read” without reading them, send to a specific folder, make them spam, delete them etc.)

So to do the same the basic steps are:

1. In your Gmail account click on the gear box (placed on right top side) and click on settings as shown in figure.

2. Go to “Filters” tab and click on “Create a new filter”.

3. You can see the box as shown below.

Functionality of Labels:

From: here you can give any name like or a domain name like or can be top level domain name like .com, .net. The rule will get applied to all mails coming from that address.

To: Not mandatory, however you can set some group name, your email address.

Subject: In this field you can specify a subject line for the email, is the email is having that subject then this filter will be applied to that email.

 Has the word: If content of the email contains the phrase/words you have specified here then the filter will apply.

Doesn’t Have: If the email does not contain the phrase you have specified the filter will apply to that email.

Has Attachment: Self-explanatory. If the email contains attachment then the filter will apply to that email.

4. Click on “Create filter with this search “.
5. In the next screen you can choose any rules as per your choice.

6. Click on “Create filter”.

A new filter/rule has been set for all your incoming mails.
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