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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Backup SMS from Android phone to GMail account

In our mobile we keep very much important things and the threats of losing it is too much. Hence it is always important to keep a backup of all our mobile data somewhere else, somewhere safe, from which we can take the data once it is lost.

Today I am going to tell about how to take backup of SMS from android phone to your Gmail account.


  1. You can retrieve your data once it is lost by accident.
  2. Your data will be stored in Gmail and hence you can use powerful Google search in it to search for any specific content.
  3. You SMS will always be safe and secure.


To use this facility you have to use the app SMS Backup+ which is a dedicated tool to backup text messages to Gmail mailbox. After installing put a check on Connect option to connect to your Gmail account.

After getting the connection simply press backup button and app will automatically create a new label in Gmail as SMS and store all your SMS. The time required to take the initial backup depends upon the number of SMS you have.

You can also configure automatic backup to update your Gmail whenever you get a new messages. In the future, when you wish to restore them, click on the Restore button on the app to get back all the messages on your device. The app also supports backup of multimedia messages but you cannot restore them back to your device due to some API limitation.

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So a great app right. To download click here. Any comments please right in the comment box below.


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