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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Install Guard : Guard Your System Today

Generally many of the people (including me) who uses windows operating system login to their system using administrator account, and this may create problem. Like whenever we find an interesting application we directly install it or any website may install anything on your system if you become a little careless. So what steps should be taken?

One is you can create an user with no administrator access and use that account for your daily work and whenever you need to install an software run it as administrator. However it may be tiresome, so there is another way.

The software Install Guard gives to protection and control while it comes to installing the software. you can download it for free from here.

Today I am going describe of its uses and benefits.

Install Guard gives you complete control and flexibility to restrict the installation and/or removal of programs from your computer. Besides, it is so good at monitoring related activities that you would stay heads on with whatever happens on your machine.

Right on the Dashboard you get to see a summary of activities in the form of snapshots. Those show the number of programs installed and convey the number of changes made to them.

Switch to the Installed Software tab and you can look into the details of each program with respect to the snapshots. Double click on any entry (try with the latest one) to check the actions and list of software that underwent change or were attempted to be installed/removed. Apart from that you can configure how the snapshot thing works and the way details should be logged.

Detection and Blacklist gives you more power in specifying what you want to allow for installation and what you’d want to restrict. Specifications must be declared in terms of file extensions and processes. Each of those sections has a help icon and you can check out what they mean before actually configuring anything.

Moreover, if you have a multi-user machine you can easily set the users who have access and rights to perform unrestricted software changes. The Whitelist section on the left pane is what features this support.

Intelligent Blocking works to track the presence of malware or similar files by monitoring certain folders (customizable) and checking new files on the list. It alerts the user according to the rules that one creates.

On top of all this Install Guard has a layer of password protection. The tool when started resides in the system tray. In order to open it you need an admin password. By default it is set to password which can be changed from the main interface.

So to keep your system protected and keep a track of all the software installed better start using Install Guard today.

If you have any questions or details of any other such system, then write in the comment section.


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