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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Microsoft word 2013 : Review and Details

After my last post about a brief note of Microsoft office 2013, I downloaded the Office 2013 preview and started using it. Here are some of my reviews for Microsoft word 2013.

I liked the interface very much as it gives a cool interface to interact with. The look and feel is some lovely that I again started thinking. Whenever Microsoft releases new version, then it is worth to check it out.

1. Edit the PDF:

Editing a pdf file was a headache before, you have convert it to doc file, and then edit it and convert it again to pdf files. However now you just have to open the pdf in the word 2013 and it will be opened as doc file and you can edit it there itself. After that just save it a pdf file. Now pdf editing is too much easy.

Still I have doubt does it give permission to the pdf files with write protected.

2 Insert video:

Now you can insert a video into your word files.
Just go to insert and click on online video. Search for your video and insert it. It will get inside your doc file and you can watch it from your file directly. :) 

3. Smarter app "Flash Fill":

The smart app flash fill helped me very much. Whenever I inserted a video or a photo and moved it through the doc file, then all the words were getting wrapped around it to save the space. It worked the same way as my editor of blog post works. ooo, so much similarity and user friendly. Loved it.

4. Touch screen friendly:

With the reading pane giving user friendly reading options, it’s very much helpful.  When you will use your word in a touch screen tablet (works in PC also), then you can read it horizontally, rather than going page down vertically. The right/left arrow mark on each page will allow you to move next page just by touching it and gives feel of reading a book, rather than an e d which is very much helpful document.

 5. spell/grammar checker:

A cool feature is added din spell checker, after writing your file normally we run the spell checker to have an overlook of you grammars. In that case I found some interesting outcomes. Whenever it suggested me a correct word, it also gave me option to hear it and the meaning of the word with a little explanation. I thank Microsoft for adding this feature, it is really.

6. Adding apps:

You can add apps which may help you many ways. Just click on insert and add apps, choose any ASAP that you want to add and go on. I have added dictionary.

There is still more to explore. just put in comments if you find anything which is more interesting or anything that you thought i have written wrongly. i am gong explore the excel 2013. happy reading.


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