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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Google Earth : A great and Interesting software of Google

Today I am going to give details about another Google product. The lovely and useful Google earth. The new Google earth version 6.2 built in 4/11/2012 comes with a lots of useful and interesting feature.

You can download the Google earth from here. you can use it in your phone also. to download the phone version click here.

Some of its interesting features are:

3D view:

The 3D view feature of Google earth allows you to see the view of a place or locality in 3D structure from ground level. To use this feature keep on scrolling down and down until you reach the ground. After that you can enjoy the 3D view. to come back to sky view just scroll come up, and you will be back.

Record tour:

You can record the 3D view that you are viewing and later on can share it with other friends also.
Not only 3D, but also any view that you are viewing can be record and shared with your friends directly. For more details visit here or the video below.

To know the process of how to record visit here.

Share your snapshot:

While visiting any place by any means at any time you can share it through the snapshot at that instant directly. For that first you have to sign in (follow the button on top right corner then click on share that is present near your username on top right corner.

share it with anybody by directly mailing it.

Explore the sea:

Think about exploring the sea (not only earth) through Google earth. Is not it interesting? Now you can do that through Google earth. For Details click here.

Flight simulator:

Another interesting feature that I found out is Flight simulator. It gives you real adventure of flying a flight. With all updated structure and building you can play with flight simulator which gives real pleasure of flying.
for details click here.

Explore Moon/Mars:

If get bored on exploring earth, how about out of moon. Yes, you can explore moon and mars through Google earth. You can see the real view of both mars/moon and also a little about space also. To enable this feature click on button as shown in image from tool bar. For details see the video.

There are more features and interesting thing in the new Google earth. To explore and enjoy download now.

If you have any more ideas or details that is not written above please share it by writing in the comment box.


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