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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tips to use YouTube in its best way

If you want to see any video of past or present, then which website do you prefer?  YouTube, right?  I am not sure about you, however I always prefer the YouTube and love the website.

Today I am going to tell about some of the tips, by which you can use YouTube in a better way.

1. Download the mp3 from video:

You like a video and want its audio in your mobile, smart phone, iPod or any local system. Then, here is the best and shortcut way. Copy & paste the URL of the YouTube in this website. It will give you the link to download the audio file. 

There are some different website also that you can follow.

2. Search for lyrics while playing video:

While you are listening to a video and you want to see the lyrics of it. Then follow these steps.go to this website and install the extension available.  it is provided by

3. Switch of the related video pane:

If you want the related video pane to go off and you don’t want to see it, here is the simple step. Look into the YouTube URL. If &rel=1 is present there make it &rel=0or if &rel is not present then append &rel=0 to the URL.

4. YouTube enhancer:

Download the extension from here and then open YouTube. You can new buttons below the YouTube video with extra features. It is as you are playing the video in a local player.

5. Chop the video.

You want to share some part of the video and not the whole video. What you will do? Here is the solution. Go to and paste the YouTube URL. Select time period according to your requirement and just chop it. You get a new link to share your required part.

6. Solution for slower connection:

If your net is slow and the URL is not buffering properly then YouTube has given a feature which lets you to see the video without any interruption. For details visit:

7. Batch upload in YouTube:

If you normally upload videos on YouTube and uploading video one by one a bit frustrating, then install this extension in your Mozilla browser. It lets you upload more than one video at a time.


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