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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Firefox 13.0.1 - The compelling browser

Today I am going to tell you about the famous browser Mozilla Firefox. Maximum people know about it, hence I don’t have to give intro about it. Today I am going to write about the latest version of Firefox, Firefox 13.0.1, which I personally use.

As the version of Firefox gradually got increasing; its design, facilities and services had become more and more user friendly and helpful.

Some of the advantages/ improvement in version 13.0.1 are:
  1. Its new tab is giving list of recent visited web sites and making it easier to access.
  2. Its start-up time has reduced compared to other version and also it is much faster. (hope Firefox will continue it)
  3. It has faster JavaScript access also.

After all this improvement also its need improvement in some areas as:

1.     It lacks client’s side tracking as IE9.
2.     It does not have built in flash and PDF reader. The user still has to install the plugins for the same.
3.     It is in backside of chrome in HTML5.

          Overall summary of Firefox can be said as it is faster, customizable browser, and got design to be more and more compelling.

To know about system requirement for installing Firefox visit:

To download Firefox 13.0.1 follow

To know usage share of browser in March 2012 see the picture below.


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