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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Surface : First Direction

While this monday Microsoft announced about its new Windows 8 tablet : Surface, It gave a big surprise to the whole market. The tablet Surface will run on Windows 8 hence will not come to the market before  release of Windows 8 OS, i.e. October 2012, however some of its features and look was displayed.

The Surface will release in two models
1. The model which will run on Windows RT OS and will get released during October.
2. The other model will run on Windows 8 Pro operating system and will take some more time (nearly three months to get released).

Some of the features in detail are:

Windows RT based Surface:

  1. Thickness 9.3 mm.
  2. The battery's a 31.5W-h model.
  3. 0.7-millimeter thick kickstand to hold it upright.
  4. A 3-millimeter-thick touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets.
  5. Weight: 676 g.
  6. Screen measures 10.6 inches diagonally, 16:9 aspect ratio.
  7. Microsoft Home and Student 2013 RT is pre-installed
  8. It includes a micros slot, USB 2.0, and a Micro HD port.

Windows pro based Surface: 

  1. Thickness 13.5 mm.
  2. The battery's a 42W-h mode
  3. same type of touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets.
  4. Weight: 903 g.
  5. Clear Type display is "Full HD", which implies 1920x1080 resolutions
  6. The pro version comes with a stylus that allows users to make handwritten notes on documents such as PDF files.
  7. It includes microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video, 2x2 MIMO antennae.

At the announcement on Monday, CEO Steve Ballmer told that the Surface will be as good as a PC for creating documents in a way that the iPad never was. It's true that the iPad has such shortcomings as an inability to run multiple programs side by side, the way you can on a regular computer. Surface can run at least two at a time. So, users would seem to be professionals who want a tablet they can use for work and play. 

While the cost of the Surface raises a question, it can be told that it will give competitive market and will be around $600/- to $1000/-. (Not sure)

The quality of the product is still in doubt, however “When you pick this up, you understand it’s high quality,” said Panos Panay, the Surface’s chief designer.

Microsoft indirectly started a great competition with Apple and other tablet provider like DELL, ACER, ASUS etc. however still it is unknown how will it will turn around. i can say something is coming great to the market. 

Watch this space for more details.

Happy reading. :)


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  1. Well written, would be waiting for the Tablet, let's see who the consumers respond to the same !


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