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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PayAnyWhere : Mobile credit card processing app with Best service.

Now a days doing business is a tough competition, however if someone integrates business with technology, then business starts growing in a fast manner. Consider about agents or some business where, money collection from customer is a big task.

The money collection is mobile (collect money from customer by going to them) and when you go the customer, you can hear like “I don’t have cash now”, “Wait for me, I will go to ATM and come back”. Well, this can be disappointing and wastage of time!!! Many customer are happy to pay with card swipe only. So best solution for such business is the PayAnyWhere.

How it works?

PayAnywhere is a mobile payment service(for US users only) created by a multi-billion dollar credit card processing company with more than two decades of merchant payment processing experience.
The account creation is easy with a guided procedures from company website.

Once the account is created, the customer service will guide you through the mail and make the account ready for free without any processing fee.

After that you can download the free mobile app in your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and BlackBerry smartphones) which will help you to keep track of all cash flows, location of swipes, tips paid etc. from your hand.

The free card reader will be provided by the PayAnyWhere, which will get attached to the mobile device through audio jack of the smart phone and makes it mobile card reader. 

The card reader accept credit cards in a mobility manner, so once a swipe is done anywhere, anytime or by anybody, it will calculate the tax based on location by using phone GPS with low swiped rate of 2.69% (keyed rate 3.49% + $0.19). The transaction can be done by entering the card number in the app also, if the reader is giving some issues.

The 24/7 customer care helps you to do your business smoothly, if you are stuck anywhere!!!
The report generation facility of the app helps to keep track of all swipe daily/weekly/monthly with a map, to keep track of location where the business is peek.


Some of the features of the app are:

·         Accept credit and cash transactions
·         Add custom discounts, tips
·         Include tax by location
·         Create inventory by adding descriptions, images, categories
·         Email receipts
·         Multiple merchant accounts in one app
·         In-app reporting and online reporting
·         Encrypted reader and PCI compliance
·         Add-ons: Cash drawer, Star printer, QuickBooks integration
·         Live customer support through live chat, phone, and email

Other features:

Swiped Rates
Keyed Rates
3.49% + $0.19
Credit Card Reader
Monthly Fee
Cancellation Fee
Merchant Account
Unique, individual, secure account
Merchant Services Provider
Customer Service and Support
24/7, online, live (toll-free number)


To make the business faster, easier, smoother and best in market, PayAnyWhere is the best service one can get for accepting money to card processing.


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  1. Thanks for an informative article about mobile payment service.


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