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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Steps to create Shortcuts for Application in My Computer

In my previous post, creating and using shortcuts, steps have been told, in which one can make shortcuts for any application, and can access it from the windows-> run command.

Today another process of creating shortcut, in which we will assess the shortcuts from our common used explorer, which is “My Computer”.

If you try to create a shortcut in there, you can’t do that directly. You don’t have permission to do that. So here is the post for alternatives.


1. Open windows explorer and type “Network shortcuts”.

2. You will be redirected to “C:\Users\TAPAN\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts”.

3. There you can create any short by doing “right click” on screen and choose “New” -> shortcut.

4.Choose any application or even folder for which you want to create shortcut.
You can even choose application installed in your system from program files or directly from windows/system32.

After addition is successful, you can see all your shortcuts in your my computer screen under Network location tab.

Next time you open My Computer, all of your application will be sitting over there, instead of Desktop.

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