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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Share Photos online Without login using DropMocks

Everybody wants to share their memory with their friends or family. Now a days with so much online activity, people normally uses Facebook or Picasa for the same. Still there is another way to share photos quickly.

You don’t have to login or to save the photos online to share your photos using dropmocks

When open the website , then it will ask you to drag and drop the photos in it.
After the photos have been uploaded you can get the URL to share on right side of window.

There is option to upload either a single photo or a group of photos.

You can change the title of the link and give it name according to your choice also.

There still other option to login. If you upload some photos after login then, the website will remember your action and the photos you have uploaded.

So next time you want to get those photos, just login again. J You can the links also.


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