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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Protect your Eye and make body healthy with popup desktop notification

Now a days technology, laptops, internet have made our life so much easier that, normally we are always getting attached to our laptops and computer for whole day. Our days are starting with it and getting finish with it also.

Though we are getting too much facilities, there are some disadvantages also. Like people face eye and other body problem after some years if, they continue to sit in front of system like that.

To avoid this, normally some basic eye exercise has to be done or we should take small breaks during our work. However the problem is we forget to take breaks and always get seated in front of the system.

PROTECTYOURVISION is a great website giving these facility. To use this you have to enable its add-on in the browser. As now Google chrome and Mozilla requires permission and install action, so we have to manually add them. To know the steps to enable the service please click here. It’s a less than 1 minute work to enable it.

After it is enabled you can click on desktop notification to enable the desktop notification. After this you can see a message on right side corner of your computer stating, it is enabled. Then you can get notification after proper time that you set.

You can also click on start EVO and set time according to your choice.

 Basically it’s available in 20 minutes, 1 hour format. However you choose custom and can choose your own time.

You can also click on eye diagnostics and follow the steps to give small exercise to your eye.

So test it now. It is really helpful. 


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