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Friday, January 25, 2013

Mega : the Website with 50 GB free Cloud storage

KimDotcom, after Launching the gave press conference in which he told many details and future plans of Mega. Before going to that let’s have a bit idea of Mega. the cloud service website which gives 50 GB of cloud space for free after registration.

Is not it, wow? It is bigger than the Dropbox and Google drive.

Although Google drive and Drobox gives free storage and membership options, it is all charged as per memory usage. Mega also takes money if, you plan for upgraded plans as shown below.

Google Drive’s 2 TB plan goes for $99.99, 5 times the price Dotcom is offering. In comparison, Dropbox’ price for the 500 GB plan costs $49.99 a month. Again, 5 times more expensive than Mega. And by the way, there are no file size limitations.

According to Alexa, global rank of Mega is 4837 and that is within 7 days after launch.

Mega may have faced problem initially with high traffic and millions of new users, now the site is stable and giving fast downloads and uploads.

"#Mega is running stable now. 99% of users are experiencing smoothness. Still a list of bugs to fix. Thanks for being patient," Kim Dotcom tweeted this morning.

As mega could not able to give good service initially Dotcom apologizes for it also.

Jan 22: Kim Dotcom's new file sharing service, Mega, continues to be overloaded and inaccessible at times, leading to an apology from its founder this morning.
"The massive global PR around the #Mega launch is simply too big to handle for our start-up. I apologize for poor service quality," Dotcom tweeted.

Mega takes care of privacy in a much better way than its previous site megaUpload, for which police raided Dotcom’s house last year and blocked megaupload site.

It’s same as file sharing, like you do in Google drive or dropbox. You have to login to view your files or you can click on get link and share the same with others to let them download the file.

In Mega, all of your files are encrypted locally before they're uploaded, so Mega has no idea what are the files being uploaded.

Note: one issue I face with Mega is, it does not work well with Mozilla, and you have to use Chrome to work effectively in Mega

Below is attached the full video of Mega release date. for more details you can visit Mega's blog.

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