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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gmail Security: Enable 2-step login verification

With the facility of “remember passwords”, given by many browsers, we normally forget our password for many websites like Gmail, Facebook. So when we login from another place (friend’s or any cafĂ©) we choose the option (in Gmail) “Can't access your account?” -> “I don't know my password”and then, “Get a verification code on my phone:”

This feature may be useful, however it comes with a security threat. Think about a time when you don’t have access to your mobile, or it is stolen, or any of your friend want to hack your account (may be for fun) and have access to your mobile. 

They can easily change your Gmail password. So what to do?

You can opt out for 2-step login verification for Gmail, which gives you security as:
1. No one can login to your Gmail account, if they have your password, they have to give the verify code sent in your mobile.
2. Those who have only access to your mobile also, can’t change your password.
3. And you don’t have to give verification code again and again each time you login, by choosing “Don’t ask code for this computer”. 

Steps to enable 2-step verification in Gmail:

1. Click on your photo on right side of Gmail page and select Account.

2. Choose security from all right side option.

3. You can see the “2-step verification” as off. Click on settings.

4. Verify your phone details.

5. An msg will come to the mobile, which number that you have given. Verify it.

6. As I think the computer which, you are using now is a personal one, and you normally use remember me on this computer, then you can keep trust me on this computer, otherwise uncheck it.

7. Click on confirm msg.

And you are ready.
So next time you login from an unknown computer, you have to give the verification code, which will be sent to your phone. So don’t forget to carry your phone.

What will happen when you forget your password?
  • With 2-step verification enabled, and if you forget your password, then Google will send the recovery option to your secondary mail instead of your phone.

  • After clicking the link, which you will get in your alternate mail, it will send you a verification code.
  • Using which you can reset your password.


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