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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shortcut for uses of Mouse in daily life.

Normally every people use mouse and keyboard for input work in the computer, Mouse helps in a great way by giving GUI input. The left click of the mouse is the best alternative for select key in keyboard. Mouse also helps in many other ways like dragging and dropping and any other things, which I don’t need to explain.

We know many of the short-cut related to keyboard today I am going give some of the best shortcut for mouse, which you may not know.

1. Text selection using mouse and shift key.

Whenever you want to select some text from a paragraph, may be a line, just left click on beginning of the character and then go to the last character up to which you want to select, and then press shift+left click to select all the text.

2. Use control for selection of chunk text.

If you does not want to select continuous text, and rather want to select texts or lines in chunks, then use control key, and then select normally by pressing shift key.

3. See all the hidden option

To see all the hidden option when you right click on a file and folder press shift+right click.
Press ctrl+ scroll mouse up or down to zoom in or out respectively.

4. Shortcut to close a window.

Like click on middle of the widows it maximizes it, similarly clicking on top left cornet closes it.

5. Browser shortcuts

To open any link in a new tab in a browser, use mouse. Press ctrl+ right click OR click with scroll button to open a link in a new tab.

To close a browser just press the mouse scroll by keeping the mouse on the middle of any tab in a browser.

6. Drag and drop

Right click on any file or document and moe them some other place to facilitate drag and drop option easily.

7. Select text vertically

If in any document you want to select the text vertically and not horizontally, tehn also you can do it using mouse.  Press alt key and start selecting the text vertically.

So, there are so many short cut that we are not aware of, by using this we can save so many times.

To get more directions keep looking to our site. If any more idea you have, don’t forget to write tehm in comment section.


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