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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review : DELL Inspiron n 5050

Today I am going to write a review on my personal laptop that I bought on 10th June and using it from then. For details about my laptop see my previous post. The brand belongs to DELL with model n 5050 Inspiron.

You can know the details about its specification from my previous post, so let me tell how I use it and all the response that I am getting from it.

When I bought it came with Linux by default. I reinstalled Windows 7 ultimate, and downloaded all the required drivers from the site. Details visit my post. However till now I am have not installed the Bluetooth driver (as not using it and did not get a perfect driver).

On weekdays normally i use it for 3-4 hours, after my office works. It get extends to 9-10 on weekends. It includes my study, blogging, watching movies, playing and all other stuff that you can do and like to do with your laptops.

Details about different components and their responses.

AS per battery, it works well.  AS promised it gives 3.5 hours backup.

Heating problem
This problem is a big concern for many people. For me, I use my laptop by keeping in in my bed, however never faced the issue. It gets warm a little after 2-3 hours, but that is natural. AS the cooling fan is on the side of laptop, it helps a lot. J
Start-up time:
It gets start up within 20-30 seconds after I interestingly press the start button key.

In keyboard, key are well separated, giving spaces to choose and press. However the keys are tiny as per laptop. It could have more comfortable if a bit more bigly in height.

Display is great.  There is nothing to give details. The 15.6’’ screen gives great quality view for videos.
Look and Feel:
I am very much satisfied with the look of it.  Whenever I see it I feel and compare with my old laptop (Lenovo) I feel very much satisfied as its awesome.
Drivers and Support:
I downloaded all the drivers that are required for it. To download the drivers go to my post. Still did not fine the Bluetooth driver yet.

I have been always using the wireless for internet and data transfer with friends. Initially used LAN for huge files. Well satisfied.

The built in camera works perfectly fine. I have done a lot of video chatting with clear video.

The processing power of the laptop is great.  Starting from playing game, downloading videos it had given good performance always.
Touch pad:
Working great, however the button which disable the touchpad is not working for me. If anybody has solution please give it to I am Facing issue many times while typing.

Overall I will say it is one of the best user friendly and value for money laptop. If you want a cheaper, better and great quality of laptop for daily use. Go for it.


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