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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Google Glass Demo: How they did it?

When on June 27th Google showed live telecast of Google glass demo headed by SergeyBrin, on that day Google own the internet world. If you have not watched it you can watch it here. --> youtube link.

Today I am going to tell about how they did it which I found out in

First let me tell the whole process as you can see in the video.
Sergey Brin was in the conference room wearing a Google glass. There were 4 sky drivers who were flying 4000 feet above the San Francisco wearing the glasses. After that they jumped from the helicopter and landed on the roof. After that two cyclists paddled their cycles and reached the conference room. In this whole process each sky driver and cyclist were wearing the glasses and whatever they could able to see was being shown inside conference room live. 

Before telling you about the process let me put some hurdles that can be faced.

  1. Permission from local police and government to do the stunt in public area containing house, offices and buildings.
  2. Search for best sky drivers who will be agreed to do such work.
  3. Taking authorization to run and open the gate of helicopter while it is flying over the town.
  4. Cyclist who can do the stunt as shown in the video.
  5. Main part was the live telecast in which data will get transmitted while skydivers were jumping with such a high speed.
  6. All should be in proper synchronization.

So after hurdles comes the process that Google did.

At first Google searched for best sky drivers and found JT, the lead jumper. After the jump the skydivers were blown away by the experience. One said the ability to do a live Hangout with their parents would go a long way to showing how safe skydiving can be under the right circumstances. ( Source:

Google took all the required permission from local police, Fire departments and mayor and installed 25 cameras to make this process happen.

They took permission from air traffic control to fly the helicopter in Class B airspace (above 4000 feet) in SF.

Mother Nature also helped Google by removing the clouds from that area and helped the sky divers.
Then came the most important problem and its solution, the connectivity, while the divers are falling with a speed of nearly a mile per hour, however Google solved it. Google tried many approach and finally got one which is not yet revealed

Google glass is not designed not to handle the sun while flying through the air. the team tried many possible way  for the same while When they did the actual jump, two jumpers used the Google-powered solutions while others used more expensive equipment.

In total 25 cameras, Sergey Brin wore one, 11s were used by athletes, and 10 manned cameras to shoot the entire going event. 3 additional camera was installed in the main hall to capture all the event.

So to check it out click here.


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