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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manually Delete Virus From Your System

Now a days most of the people are using windows OS  personally and most of the hackers are attacking them using viruses. Please follow these following steps if you want to make your system free of viruses manually.

These steps should have to be followed for some specific viruses whose names either you know or you are sure that they are viruses. If you are not sure that they are viruses and have doubt that these might be some system file or any other files that are being used by any software installed by you then follow below steps to know exactly otherwise skip this step.

Name of some viruses which i have deleted.
  • xn1i9x.exe
  • ntde1ect.exe
  • killer.exe
  • xmss.exe 
  • lsass.exe
  • avmo.exe 
  • avpo.exe
the above names are just for reference. you can KILL ANY VIRUS whose NAME YOU CAN FIND.

Step to identify virus.

   1.  Start your task manager and see the process running. You can check it by using task killer software and you can download it from following link.

    2.  If you have doubt on some process name then start your registry editor by typing “regedit” in run (windows+R). search for the location of that process by searching for the process name from find window( can be obtained by pressing ctrl+F).
    3.  After that go that location and check for the properties of that file and check whether it is a trusted one or not! After that if you know that it is virus and able to find out all the virus names and location like this, and then follow these simple steps to delete it from your system manually

     After identifying follow these steps to delete it.

1. First of keep your task manager and registry editor keep on running.
2. Go to process tab of task manager and find “explorer.exe” and end this process by choosing end process button. (This process has to be closed temporarily so that virus could not able to copy it again from a deleted file and you can restart it later J ).
3. In task manager go to file-> new task(run) and type “cmd” to start command prompt.
4. Through command prompt go to location of those files and delete them by typing the following command.
   a. Attrib –s –h –r “full virus name which has to be deleted”
   b.Del “full virus name which has to be deleted”
5. Go to every drive of your system and follow the above steps to delete the virus.
6. Then go to registry editor press ctrl+F and type the name of the virus and search from the beginning.
7. Whenever you find the name of the virus or its reference then, delete it. (please take care to check name before deleting as if you delete some system file or any required file from registry then it may cause harm to your system)
8. Then again search for it and delete it when you find a reference to it.
9. Follow these deleting steps until all the reference are deleted.

      10. Go to command prompt. Type “shutdown –r –t 0”. Your computer will be restarted and free from viruses. J


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