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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Candy Crush Saga: Full lives from zero life within a minute.

Candy crush saga, the game which got its popularity by Facebook and the apps gives you interest to play it without stopping. However some levels are difficult and to crush which you lose your life.

Candy crush saga uses the time in your phone to give you the life. So get the life you have to make the app believe that the time in your phone is increased by changing it.

Here is the simple steps which one can follow to get all the 5 lives full from 0 lives within a minute.

1. While you have zero life at the time of playing the candy crush saga, go to date time settings.

2. Change your time (increase a day to make it back to normal easily).

3. Since time of your phone has increased to 24 hours, the game application will consider it and give you all 5 full lives.

4. Go back to your game to see all the 5 lives.

Start playing your game and in the middle go back to date time settings and restore your phone time to normal.

You can use it to clear an episode levels(3 level to cross the bridge) without waiting for 24 hours also. J

Enjoy the game, if you know any other trick, write below.


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