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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Recover Deleted Message from Nokia Phone

In our PC, we have a recycler bin, from where we can recovered our accidentally deleted file, however, in case of phone once a file/msg is deleted, we can’t recover it. Hoping for a recycle bin in phone also as next technical advancement.

So today we can learn how to recover accidentally deleted messages from Nokia phone.

Step 1: Download FExplorer. This data recovery software allows to recover many deleted files from phone.

Step 2: Open FExplorer and go to C: (If you use phone memory to store messages) or E :( If you use memory card to store messages).

Step 3: Navigate to System -> Mail.

Under this folder, the files which get displayed as 00100000 are the deleted messages.

These files can be read using a text editor.



  1. how to retrieve deleted msg from an android samsung phone?

    1. You can either try for SMS Recovery( app or Dr.Fone for Android( I can't say that these softwares will give 100% result, as i personally never tried it. I am searching for a better option, when ever I will get one, I will surely write a post o it.


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