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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Increase the Battery Life of wireless Mouse

Many people faces the common problem in their wireless mouse or keyboard, which is the battery problem. The battery gets discharged and it is needed to charge it again for reuse. 

Reasons for discharge of wireless Mouse: 

Normally mouse gets discharged in the time of not using it also. Like if the mouse is on while travelling. If mouse is kept on while not using it also, the mouse uses the battery and gets discharged. While the mouse in sleep mode also, it uses battery and gradually charge decrease

Increase the Battery Life of your Mouse:

  • By keeping the mouse near to the laptop receiver, so that less power is being used by mouse to send the signal.
  • Using same brand battery for both receiver and mouse.
  • Use light-colored mouse pad and don’t use the glass as reflection, which needs more charge for sensor to track the signal.
  • Switch off the mouse while not in use. If a mouse comes with facility of auto sleep mode, it is good, for those mouse, which does not have the auto sleep mode facility it is needed to manually switch it, while turning off and logging of the computer.

People normally forget to switch off the mouse and leads to discharge the battery. It can be done by playing a reminder tone, which will get played before the computer goes to sleep mode.

The reminder tone can be any type of .wav file, like recorded from mobile phone or created online by using website like Listen.

After the .wav file is created, place the file anywhere in the system.

Right click on volume from down right side of the computer, where volume gets adjusted, or it you can go the sound pane from control panel also.

Select exit windows and browse to your saved music (.wav) file.

Now next time you try to shut down the system, you will get the notification sound to switch off your wireless mouse.


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