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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shortcuts for all Facebook Chat Smileys

We all use Facebook for chatting. Below are some helpful smileys shortcut, which can be used in Facebook chats.

Thumbs up (y)

Happy :)

Really happy :D

Wink ;)

Happy eyes ^_^

Laughing eyes >:o

Cat smile :3

Grumpy >:(

Sad :(

Crying :'(

Shocked :O

Glasses 8)

Cool shades 8|

Tongue :P

Woot?! O.o

Dork -_-

Duhhh :/

Devil 3:)

Angel O:)

Kiss :*

Love < 3 (without the space otherwise it will look like this ♥) 

Pacman :v

Robot :|]

Dude :putnam:

Shark (^^^)

Penguin <(")

Except all of this, you write your profile name in between [[profile-name]], then you can send your profile picture to someone.

For example as my user login name (profile name) is tapan.jain1 so if I write [[tapan.jain1]] and send it then, my current Facebook profile image will go to my friend.


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