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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Protect PDF file with a password for Free

PDF is a most used file, while it comes to share official information. Many may have seen PDF file in password protected mode, i.e. to open the pdf file you need a password.

Have you ever tried to protect your pdf files with a password? Normally to do that you have to buy some good PDF softwares like Adobe PDF reader. But as me and many of us may be using free pdf reader, then why to spend money for same.

Do you know that the pdf can be password protected freely? Yes, and you can do it online. You don’ have to install any third party software for the same.

PDFPROTECTis the website which allows users to protect their pdf with a password and that also free. It is very mush easy to user also.

Just go to the pdfprotect website and in the home page you can see the screen as shown below.

Choose any file and after that give the password that you want to set. It allows you to choose the encryption in high or low format. The difference in two format as given by them are:

High (more secure, but can’t be opened with oldest readers)
Low (compatible with older readers)

After this click on protect button, you file will be uploaded and you will get option to download the password protected PDF file.

So, if you are looking for very secure file, then I would suggest you to go with the High encryption strength option. However, as the site suggests, this file might not be compatible with old PDF viewers. So you will need any of the new PDF readers to open and read this file. On the other hand, if you are looking for more compatibility you should select the Low encryption strength.

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