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Monday, January 21, 2013

Resume the YouTube video from Last played Position

YouTube, the online video watching and sharing website, is being used to watch TV serials, news, trailers or even movies including many other videos. Think of a case when you are watching a video, half watched it and lost your connectivity or you have some work and you can’t watch the video any more.

What to do to see the video next time? When you get connected again, watch video from starting, let it buffer from starting or click on middle points, until you reached the exact point where had you left?
You don’t have to do all this, if your browser remembers the last point where had you watched the video, or manually you can set the point from where you want to start the video next time. And yes, it can be done.

For this either you have to use Chrome or Mozilla and if you don’t have those browser, then also don’t worry, as it can be done manually also.

UsingMozilla (Resume Later):

The add-on ResumeLater, which provides the service to remember the last played position of online videos and the facility to resume again will help you in this case.

The add-on does not require a browser restart and you can straight away start using it.
After the installation of the extension, you will notice a small green play button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

When you wish to bookmark the position of a YouTube video, click on the green play button and add it to the list. You can add as many videos as you would like and later when you wish to resume it, simply click on the saved link.

Using Chrome (Video Resumer for Chrome):

If you are going to use this add-on, a bit more facility you will get. As this add-on automatically remembers the position of your YouTube video paly and whenever, you again playing that video it will automatically resumes it from last played position. Though you don’t have control on it, still it is useful, if you forget to bookmark it.


So, what the case if your PC is slow or you don’t want to install any extra add-on. Then also you can remember the last played position manually.
When you want to resume for a position in video and later want to play from that, just pause at that place.
Click on share button.
When the sharing options opens, just don’t forget to click on the check box present right side of the link “start at”.

Now you will get a new link. Save it or bookmark it.
Next time directly play that link and you can see your video just as you are resuming it.


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