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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Download Manager : Organize your downloads in proper manner for free

Downloads, downloads and downloads. Downloading content from internet has become a commonplace activity for all internet users. In the home, in business and in schools. All internet users download content from time to time. Typically programs, games, flash video, photos, music, video, podcasts, web pages and documents.

But how many of us are using a download manager to download the files?

There are so many download managers available in the market like Free Download Manager (FDM), Internet Download Manager (IDM), and DownloadStudio.

From all of it I think FDM is one of the best softwares as it is free and many features are there in it. Using FDM you can do many things. For more details please go to the features page of FDM.

You can easily download it from here directly. It is light-weight (7.3 MB) and supports OS Microsoft Windows XP SP1 and higher.

Advantages of using Download Manager:

Downloading content can be troublesome: Downloads can fail. Downloads can take excessive time. Downloads can be password-protected. Some content cannot be downloaded using your web browser.

Accelerated downloading. Download managers can accelerate your file downloads by up to 300%

Resume broken or failed downloads. Download managers can resume a download where it failed, if the support was given by the browser. You can see the same while starting the download or in the time while download is going on.

Schedule downloads for a later date. Download managers let you schedule downloads for a later time of day, or schedule downloads for regular intervals such as daily or weekly.

Download or capture streaming audio and video. Download managers can download (or capture) streaming audio and streaming video so you can save them on your computer.

Download Flash Video (FLV) and Flash (SWF). Download managers can download Adobe Flash Video (.FLV) and Adobe Flash (.SWF) onto your computers.

Download complete web sites. Download managers can download complete web sites for offline browsing so you can view the web site without being connected to the internet.

Download specific files from a web site. Download managers can scan and download specific files from a web site.

Organize downloaded files on computer. Download managers use folders and categories to help you organize your downloaded files on your computer, making it easy to find files at a later date.

Fully integrated into your web browser. Download managers integrate seamlessly into all popular web browsers. Such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock, Opera, Mozilla and Chrome.

After downloading it, it will be integrate to your browsers, if not please do it from the options->settings tab.

The FDM allows to download not only zip files, documents but also flash videos, torrents files and many others.

If you want to download any file, then go to the download page of that file, copy the URL and then start the FDM. Click on the “+” button present in left top side of the application. The FDM will automatically search for present files (including videos) and then gives a prompt to download the same.

It works for YouTube also. I.e. you can directly download the YouTube videos also. J For this you have to click on flash video download before starting the download. Then add the YouTube URL.

This post was made by a special request by one of our reader. if you need any such information on an product/service then please ASK US.



  1. Well ! I use this download manager to increase my download speed . I'm really surprised. My download speed increases than previous stage. I have confirmed it by using


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