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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Going Green The Black way

Today everybody wants to Go Green and everybody is supporting and wants to do something which will help the environment in some way. I came across such a utility which will help web designer/bloggers to go “Go Green”. 

The website gives such facility, which I got from their website. There are some simple steps to follow. I have used the same in my blog and hence if you keep this website idle for 2 minutes it will turn black as shown below. Then if you want to read again and want to go back in normal again, just do some activity in its page e.g. just move your mouse over it.

 This facility will be available in my blog till my next post (may be for some days). I am hoping to get responses/feedback from my readers that whether they like it or not so that i can continue this for long time.

How does it Work?

It is simple. For all the designers and coder you have to copy the following script code inside your tag of that page for which you want this facility to work.

The code for the same is:

Where time is the number of seconds you want to set, after which your screen will go black. In my blog I have kept it as 120 seconds so you have to be idle for 120 seconds (2 minutes) to see the black screen.

This code uses JQuery java script library so add the following code before tag to avoid conflict with other scripts.

Benefits of this: 

From a point of view there may not be any profit, however if you keep your screen idle for some time and go some other place ( may be kitchen, to call someone, to pick up something), in that case we can save energy. AS your screen will go black it will not reflect much energy (white colour reflect more energy and wastes it) so black display will save energy of your battery and by this small means also we can help the environment by going green.

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